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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  January 28, 2010 10:00pm-10:50pm EST

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>> she is accused of scamming people by pretending she had cancer. tonight, her explanation of why she did it. >> the samaurai sword killing. decision about whether to press charges. >> high winds and a drop in temperatures. how long the cold weather will be around in the sky watch forecast. >> never seen anything like it before. >> bad news for toyota. why the recall is now expanding. >> live in high definition from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> hello, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. she is free on bail, until she testifies in court. but deana lee own knee is speaking out tonight. >> she is going public after accused of duping friends saying she had cancer. keith daniels live at baltimore county police headquarters with her side of the story tonight. keith, what can you tell us? >> jeff, baltimore county police arrested the woman, prosecutors say they are moving forward you with the case, with just two alleged victims.
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they say there could be more. they want to hear from them. but tonight, lee leone is talking. >> she wants to be heard. >> did it hurt people? absolutely. and i am really sorry. >> she wants her side of the story told. >> my family asking going through a lot. >> leone accused of scamming former high school classmates, and others, by claiming she had terminal cancer. baltimore county police say she dewpointed two women out of $12,000. money given to her for her dying wishes. >> do you have cancer? >> i do not. >> you do not what? >> have cancer. >> now she comes clean with what she calls the truth and why she did it. >> my husband, that's it. >> leone has been married to patrick leone for 14 years and during that time he has mentally and physically abused her. and she lied to cover the abuse.
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>> people questioning why i am bruised all the time. easier than saying pay threw me or beat me, or did that. or my daughter saved my life. it was easier. >> leone said the pictures were taken after the worst beating. >> fingernails got into me there. watch cut me there. >> it happened in october of 2008. around the time the lies surfaced. >> i couldn't tell them that my prince charming was beating on me. i loved him all of my life. >> what about the money. >> made me borrow it to pay his bills. >> patrick leone is named in the indictment. still, it is deana leone that claimed she was ill to unsuspecting well wishers like vicki squares. >> it is sad. she is a criminal. she is a criminal. and it is terrible. >> did it hurt people? absolutely. and i am really sorry to vicki
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squares because she does have cancer, and i pray for her every day she is better. >> well, leone due in court this week to file a protective order against her estranged husband. tonight, his attorney calls all of the allegations ludicrous. live now at baltimore county police headquarters. keith daniels, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> st. joseph medical center faces a class action lawsuit. the hospital recently notified more than 350 patients that they may have received a heart stent even though they do not need one. today, attorneys peter anglo asks billy murphy filed the lawsuit. >> when people get misled into having these surgeries, it is a dark day for them. and more had important for the hospital itself. because we ought to be able to trust our medical providers. >> the lawsuit seeks unspecified damages. now st. joseph said it has not seen the lawsuit.
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but it has taken aggressive action to correct the problem. and that it does not believe the patients who were treated are at immediate risk. >> we're learning more about the man shot by police last night at union memorial hospital. myranda stephens live in north baltimore with the latest on the story tonight. myranda? >> well, jeff, 61-year-old phillip holland appears to be no stranger to trouble. and police say he was trying to start trouble again last night. here at the hospital. when officers stopped him. in his tracks. >> baltimore police say 61-year-old phillip holland of hampden had been wanted for on attempted second-degree murder and assault charges after he attacked his girlfriend outside of this royal farms the night of january 16. according to charging documents, holland and his girlfriend got in an argument inside of the store. after she told him she did not want to go home with him. the report said holland dragged the woman outside, and began punching her in the face and stomach. holland reportedly ran away
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before cops arrived. his girlfriend was taken to union memorial hospital for treatment. >> we had some intelligence to suggest that he would be in the area. >> a week later police got a tip that holland was at the hospital wednesday night. stalking a patient. >> we waited for him at union memorial. found out he would be here. and tried to take him into custody on that charge. >> police then said holland lunged at them with a knife. and officers ultimately shot him in the leg and tased him twice before making the arrest. he was taken to shock trauma, but is expected to survive. he will face even more charges, including two counts of assault on an officer. >> no one hurt. no police officers hurt. and homicide is going over the shooting. >> online court records show holland was convicted on drug and theft charges back in 2007. he was convicted again on theft. just last year. live here in north baltimore, myranda myranda stephens, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> baltimore county police need your help tonight to find a
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suspect wanted in several smash and grab robberies. they believe this person, is responsible for four burglaries. since january 18. they all took place in the early morning hours in the towson and cockeysville areas. and anybody with information should call baltimore county police at 410-307-2020. >> the johns hopkins student that killed an intruder behind his home will not face charges. last september 21-year-old john pontolillo slashed the hand and upper body of the intruder with a samaurai sword after fining the man in his garage. >> jessamy determined that mr. pont till low believed he was in danger at that time. >> intruder was not armed. >> well, we knew this. but the reconstruction effort in haiti will be massive. according to a representative from the united nations. 75 percent of port au prince
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will need to be rebuilt. the un representative said an international fund will be needed for reconstruction effort. but he said it could have benefits, helping the country overcome decades of professor tee. >> members of the air national guard on the way to haiti. team left on a c 130 packed with supplies this morning from middle river. they will make several trips out of miami to deliver supplies to other national guard members, already in port au prince haiti. >> we're well trained and prepared for this. so i am not really nervous about it. like i said, i have done earthquake before, and it affects you a bit but you are happy to do it. >> the governor also was on hand to see them off. presenting the team with governor's challenge gold coin. >> a team of two dozen doctors from the university of maryland is on the way to haiti tonight. the team of 22 doctors, nurses and other health care professionals will spend a week in port au prince and outlying suburbs. team is bringing a large supply of medications and other medical supplies. they will operate out of one of
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haiti's oldest hospitals. >> i think, you will see the best of maryland here, coming to bear in haiti, as that partnership plays out. so we're pleased to be part of this. >> more than 150 health professionals from the university of maryland have volunteered to help in haiti. many of them will be on teams that rotate every week, to and from the earthquake ravaged region for the next several months. >> frederick county family expected to wait another 18 months, cysting through adoption paperwork before they could bring their daughter home from haiti. >> instead, they say the earthquake brought an unexpected blessing. kathleen cairns has the latest. >> the hubner family in frederick is growing. from an orphanage in haiti, david and christie's daughter ila is the latest addition. they have been trying to get her back to maryland for three years. when the earthquake hit haiti, they knew their daughter, and 135 other children in the
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haiti orphanage were in trouble. the building was destroyed. >> ended up staying in tents. >> supplies and security limited. >> and what resources they did have, people were breaking in and looting. so, you know, that was the big concern. >> the hubners expected the adoption process to take another 18 months. because of the disaster, the paperwork was cleared in days. >> she transitioned a lot. whole family transitioned a lot. better than we were he expecting. you know, still the language barrier. she only speaks criole. but the first day we brought her home, she called me mommy, in cre criole. >> now they worry about the orphans left behind. >> they are still there, need to get them out. >> the message to other potential parents. >> adoption is not the easiest thing, but it is incredibly worth it. >> in frederick county. >> she is really a great kid.
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>> kathleen cairns, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> hubners parents were missionaries in haiti a few years ago. >> they say that's what prompted them to adopt from that country. >> well, one quarter at a time, students in ellicott city collect $3500 to help haiti relief. >> kindergarteners to 8th graders at the resurrection st. paul school dropped money into containers for more than a week. students with the most donations get to wear whatever they want and ditch the uniforms. >> makes me feel good. makes me feel like i have made a difference. along with all the other people in my school. i am pretty sure they feel the same way. >> all the money goes to christian relief services helping, of course in haiti. >> learn about ways you can be helping the people of haiti. by logging onto our website and clicking on haiti relief. >> you know i was hoping for daffodils and forsentha but cold weather is back.
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>> yes. weather is coming can. chief meteorologist vytas reid is here with the details. >> how lovely they are too. >> we can dream. >> anyway. looks like definitely seeing cold air on the rise. or going down actually. temperature wise. of going into overnight temperatures. continue to fall. and it looks like we will see the cold air out there. and with the cold air in place, potential for a winter storm building up out of the south. in fact, looking at the bigger picture here. big storm pushes through texas and parts of oklahoma. they are getting some pretty good snow right now. blasted with heavy amounts of snowfall. with that cold air in place aacross the mid-atlantic. looks like the most brunt of the storm will be south of us. potential there, as far as how much snowfall we could see, actually, looks like we could see, maybe, about an inch possibly around baltimore. and south of us. a little heavier amounts. so animating this, we could see the time line shows heaviest precipitation south of fredericksberg. but maybe a chance for maybe up to an inch around baltimore or
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less. as you go further north. so definitely there is going to be maybe light snow showers, but heavier it gets further south you go. that cold air is in place, 29 in baltimore right now. 23 in hagerstown. and overnight tonight, clouds gathering. breezy out there. temperatures be only topping out in the lower 30s tomorrow. probably see the snow start to work in early, early, early on saturday morning. closer look at the detailed mapping of where the storm is coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> thank you, vytas. >> you can be in charge of your own personalized forecast. i-radar is available at use the interactive tools to track coming storms down to your street. go to >> and when it comes to news in your neighborhood, see it, shoot it, send it. you can upload pictures and video to our website. go to and click on the see it, shoot it, send it icon. and send pictures from your cell phone to >> no way to get my money back.
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i am just out of money. >> debt relief dangers, clues that could help you tell the difference between good companies and this shady one. the cover story tonight. >> pants on the ground. looking like a fool with your "pants on the ground". >> oh, it was an instant hit on american idol. but was it someone else's? later on fox 45 news at 10:00, you be the judge. >> i have never seen anything like this before. >> but next, toyota troubles continue the expanded recall
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>> more bad news tonight for toyota. it is recall of faulty accelerators has extended to europe. michael buczyner reports on the impact the recall is having worldwide. >> to my knowledge nobody is in imminent danger. >> hundreds of brand new toyotass fresh off production with nowhere to go. >> a lot of our vehicles, we have taken them away from the front line. put them in a segregated area. >> impact of the voluntary recall of 2.3 he million vehicles is being felt at the howard county dealership where 70 percent of the inventory is no longer for sale. >> they have taken extraordinary steps to stop sale. never seen anything like this before. >> if you can believe it, this is the first time an auto maker has halted the sale of a vehicle during a recall. >> toyota's voluntary recall and decision to stop selling eight models, comes after a test of
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cts accelerator pedals revealed a problem with the part. seven of the 1.4 million pedals tested showed signs of sticking. but eight incidents of accelerators sticking have been reported to toyota. none so far in the mid-atlantic region. dealers urging drivers to know what to do if you encounter a problem. >> apply the brake, pull over in a safe place. put the car in neutral or park and shut it down. >> recall has made it tougher for consumers like david elijah cummings, search for the perfect model a bit difficult. with less of a selection on the lot. but even in the midst of a recall, he is not afraid to buy a toyota. >> i like toyotas, known for safety. take care of customers and great cars. >> this recall is not stopping you? >> not stopping me. >> michael buczyner fox 45 news. >> now, find out if your vehicle is affected. log onto
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links. >> no sex, for a year. could soon be enough to get divorced in maryland. a maryland lawmaker wants to allow courts to grant divorces to couples that don't have sex for a year. right now the the law is to live apart for a year before the divorce. this would ease financial burden of living apart. and allow couples to still live under the same roof while seeking a divorce. >> arundel county changes home sale tax policy. the county will no longer tax based on the home's value. but the purchase price instead. >> this change puts arundel county in line with most other jurisdictions in maryland. and across the country. >> lawmakers react to the president's state of the union address last night. as the commander and chief takes the message on the road earlier today. president obama traveled to tampa florida to announce $8 billion in funding for high speed rail projects in several states. the president said that this project will create a lot of jobs. >> we're going to put more
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americans to work, rebuilding our infrastructure. one in 10 americans still cannot find work. that's why creating jobs has to be our number one priority in 2010. >> and $70 million will go towards updating a tunnel near penn station, federal money mind you. and amtrak station at bwi thurgood marshall airport. >> president obama will be making a he stop right here in baltimore tomorrow. he will be addressing republican lawmakers at a annual retreat. mr. obama visited baltimore last year, as you recall, on the way to inauguration in washington d.c.. >> well, all presidents layout wish lists, and successess in the state of the union. but both rarely stand up to scrutiny. last night's speech was no exception. >> the president made it clear, that his goals were more jobs, and less spending. >> starting in 2011, we are prepared to freeze government spending for three years. >> mr. obama plans to do that,
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without cutting spending to medicare, medicaid, social security, or national security. without freezing thoses costs, the savingss would amount to less than 1 percent of the deficit. it is the same plan president obama criticized john mccain for when republicans proposed it during presidential race. >> i really have concerns that what we have got is a president who has a great style, great ability to deliver an address, but may not have the ability to solve the problems, as long as he stays with the core values. >> president claims because of government intervention, about 2 million americans are working who would otherwise be unemployed. that number is hard to confirm. it comes from the president's own white house counsel is of economic advisers. non-partisan office pubs the number at 800000 and 2.4 million. >> i think what you heard the president say during the speech said he is absorbing what he is hearing from american people.
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the focus primary focus on jobs and specifically on how our small businesses are doing. >> president spent most of the speech on dough he mess tick issues. he did not address the closing of guantanamo bay, trying suspected terrorists in american courtrooms, or the threat of a nuclear armed iran. but he did top the success of the war on terror. >> in of the last years. hundred of al-qaida fighters. many senior leaders captured or killed. far more than 2008. >> that claim is impossible to verify. neither bush or obama administration published enemy body counts. the number of unman drone attacks have increased dramatically in the last 18 months. >> and that brings us to the question of the day. will the president's speech help encourage lawmakers to work together. so far 48 percent say yes. 62 percent say no. freddie writes on facebook, 2010 is an election year, they will
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do whatever they can to get ree elected. and joab joanna writes, all president obama did was blame the republicans and talk about not placing blame. go to and tell us what you think. sound off through facebook. send us a tweet @foxbaltimore. text us at 45203 and enter fox 45 a for yes. fox 45 b for no. hear more responses tonight on the "late edition" at 11:00. >> meanwhile president obama created a stir during the speech last night. watch justice samuel owe leto's reaction when mr. had obama talks about the supreme court. >> last week the supreme court reversed a he century of law that i believe will open the flood gates for special interests. including foreign corporations. suspend without limit in our election. >> owe leto appears to be saying not true. president breached political decorum by criticizing the supreme court in the state of the union address last night. most justices do not react to political points during the
10:23 pm
speech. >> four conservative activists arrested trying to embarrass a senator according to their attorney. james o'keefe behind the eight corner videos and 3 others arrested inside of the new year office of mary landrieu. attorney said they were trying to get video of her staff ignoring phone calls from people upset about her support for health care reform. >> playing with the wrong boys over there to say we're following around. you do not fool around with the u.s. senator's office in the same building as the u.s. attorney's office. >> they face several charges and if convicted they could face up to 10 years in prison. and a $250,000 fine. >> well, the battle over gay marriage takes a new turn in maryland. >> jeff abell tells us about one law that would very well recognize gay marriages from other states. >> right now, gay couples cannot marry in maryland. but there is growing debate whether this state should recognize gay marriage licenses from other states. >> wolf is at the door.
10:24 pm
and he doesn't have to huff and puff and blow our house down. all he has to do is walk in. >> delegate burns has proposed legislation that would ensure gay marriage licenses from other states are not valid in maryland. >> our law states that marriage is between a man and a woman. way back in 1973. when nobody was thinking about that. somebody wise enough to put it in the statute. >> at a hearing in annapolis today. members of the gay and lesbian community spoke against the bill. including state delegate heather masseur. >> right now in pasadena california, 3000 miles away, the state recognizes my marriage. in pasadena, maryland, 30 minutes away from here, we are strangers under the law. >> these are committed people. raising kids can. right here in the free state. and their valid licenses should be honored in the same way that any other licenses from out of state are honored. >> any day now, attorney general doug gansler is expected to release his opinion on the issue. as the fight over gay marriage
10:25 pm
escalates. jeff abell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> five states have legalized gay marriage. >> washington d.c. will perform same sex unions starting in march. >> well it looks like still snow in the forecast. how much sounds see he in the sky watch forecast. >> pants on the ground. >> you know, right now vytas reid is dancing. was the pants on the ground picked up somewhere else. as in lifted from some other musician. let you be the judge next. >> no way to get my money back. i am out of money. >> but next. a promise to help you get rid of your debt. but some put you at an even worse situation. going out to dinner no longer fit into our budget. and so we started having these pizza parties on friday night. i learned how to make pizza dough. and we'd have friends come to our house. we know saving money is important. shop with your giant card and you can enjoy thousands of weekly specials and real deal savings,
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>> you probably have seen a lot of the commercialss promising to consolidate your debt and pay
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off your creditors. >> tonight crime and justice reporter joy lepola investigates why the state of maryland has taken aim at some of the companies. in the cover story, get relief danger. >> debt settlement, has become a big business in these tough economic times. but don't be fooled. if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. >> i would go there to the office and make the payment and the account was paid. as far as i was concerned. and it was good. >> what happens though instead is that they actually keep the money and never address the underlying concerns and they are thieves. >> the number of complaints has jumped from 2007 to 2009 more than 144 percent. according to the maryland attorney general. >> these are people desperate. they will turn to anybody offering to help them get out of their economic worries. the problem is, of course, they are haning them a shovel and digging them deeper. >> this baltimore city woman lost thousands when she entered into an agreement with a set settlement company. >> you are thinking all of these
10:29 pm
things are good. some of that stuff goes out the window. some of your personal intuition, you kind of push to the back, because you are thinking, overall, i am going to be out of debt. >> she provided the owner of the company with a wealth of personal information. from her social security number, to account numbers, even the answers to security questions. she was under the impression the company would act as a middle man. negotiating with creditors on her behalf. but that didn't happen. >> no way to get my money back. i am just out of money. >> it is a set settlement companies are the problem. taking money upfront and running with it. >> unlike debt management companies. which generally have good reputations. and do not charge upfront fees. this company, did not stop creditors from calling. >> i just think that he is still out here. i think he is still doing these things. i think he is still scamming other people but i cannot find him. >> that's not uncommon.
10:30 pm
tracking down the companies, can be difficult. we used court records to find the man suspected in this particular scam. he willingly sat down with us. >> i know of a bill pay u.s.a.. from what i understand. it is a debt consolidation company. >> but harold alston said he never worked for the company. or owned it. despite that, fox 45 has learned that olson is died to, at least, one investigation, by an area bank. joy lepola, fox 45 news at 10:00 >> legislation has been introduced that would allow the state to regulate these businesses. >> now you can send this story to a friend. go to story, and click on the share button below the video. >> "pants on the ground". looking like a fool with your "pants on the ground." >> that song you cannot stop singing nor hearing. could be stolen.
10:31 pm
the latest american idol controversy is coming up. >> and the amazing rescue of a very adoreable four legged friend when the news at 10:00 continues. >> cold temperatures have returned. how long they will stick around, next in the sky watch forecast.
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going out to dinner no longer fit into our budget. and so we started having these pizza parties on friday night. i learned how to make pizza dough. and we'd have friends come to our house. we know saving money is important. shop with your giant card and you can enjoy thousands of weekly specials and real deal savings, like clementines, now $4.88 per box, and starkist solid white tuna, 10 for $10. this week only. when i look at my receipt and it says, "you saved $26," that works for me. only with your giant card.
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>> good evening folks. looking at a cold night ahead. we're seeing the temperatures dropping out there. and it looks like the cold air will continue to move down out of the northwest. giving us the chill. and stick around for the next few days. when you mix in the moisture. the chance is there to get snow. it looks like some folks to the south of us will get heavy snow over parts of virginia. and north carolina. they are really going to get hammered. on the northern fringe of this. look at that closely here in a moment. but currently downtown. 28 degrees. clear skies. we will continue to see the clouds filter in through the next few hours. with winds out of the west-northwest at 15. humidity levels at 35 percent. once again, that cold air arctic air down out of canada behind eight frontal boundary. settles in over the mid-atlantic. as we see the area of low pressure slides up from the northwest mixing in the moisture. it will be in the form of snow snow. especially tennessee valley. gets a foot of snow like nashville, and down toward memphis, they will get lots of
10:35 pm
problems there. so if you are flying that direction, may want to check ahead. some of the areas are connecting flights hubs. now as far as snow totals. what i am looking at. shifted a little bit few miles south. still on the northern fringe of seeing, maybe, an inch or less. as you go further south toward annapolis, 2 inches around dc area. potentially two to four in southern portions of the state. charles, salisbury. and very south part of the state and parts of virginia maybe 3 to 5 . around richmond 3 to 5 inches. south of that 10 plus inches. once you are closer to the carolina border there. but definitely looks like these folks will be seeing slow go if you are driving south on 95. look at this. watches and warnings stretching from one side of the country to the other. as this storm drives due east. it could shift further north or the south. and it looks like we will continue to see that -- we could get watches and warnings issued around the state here. as we go through the next 24
10:36 pm
hours. so there is a potential to get maybe some watches and warnings for parts of maryland. and southern maryland as the storm will wrap in. some moisture. now looking at the satellite radar gos. see the brakes in the clouds. and back west, thicker clouds thicken in through the overnight and frigid temperatures. 16 in cleveland. 10 degrees in indianapolis. eight in chicago. we're sitting at 29. look at this. 44. with the cold air continuing to push down from the front. lows from the south. cold air in place, as the moisture wraps around the low. we could see that mainly saturday evening. see the activity coming in saturday, saturday night. on the northern fringe. see the blue of snow as the storm pushes east. doesn't look like it will make a turn to the north. goes out to the atlantic. but stilwell have the precipitation possibility. 27 degrees. cold tonight with winds out of the north at 10-to-15. breezy tomorrow. around 30. and clouds gathering through the day. and then it looks like we will get the snow on saturday. a chance of light aaccumulation.
10:37 pm
26 the high. 33 on sunday. with sunshine. 41 on monday. and it looks like we will see another storm potential next week, tuesday. >>well, a dog found himself in a very bad spot. floating on an iceberg in the middle of the baltic sea. but he is safe and sound. the dog first seen on the ice floating 70 miles inland on a river. fireman tried to rescue him. but could not. by the time a ship crew spotted him dog drifted 18 miles out to sea. they were able to scoop him up off the ice and get him all wrapped up safe and sound ready to find a new home. >> incredible. 18 miles out to sea. >> must have been cold. >> icy in the baltic sea. >> not the gulf of mexico, for sure. >> well, man's's best friend can sit and stay and soon able to tweet. >> in tonight's "word on the web". judy kurtz reveals the new device that may get fido on twitter. judy? >> twitter already has millions
10:38 pm
of human followers, but how about canine ones. matell is introducing a new product called "puppy tweets." the toy maker said all you have to do is attach a plastic tag equipped with sound and motion censor to the dog's collar. connected to a receiver on the computer. and create a twitter account for her pampered pooch and watch as he tweets away. the tag has several prerecorded tweets. that are triggered by activities. and sample tweet, i finally caught the tail i have been chasing and ouch. puppy tweets is set to hit shelves this fall. it will cost under $30. and just hope that your dog doesn't get more followers than you, on twitter. and be sure to follow fox 45 on twitter and become our fan on facebook. go to baltimore. or go to baltimore. i am judy kurtz and that's tonight's "word on the web". >> i am thinking of inventing
10:39 pm
another. so i can stay in school longer. >> still ahead on the news at 10:00. advice for recent college grads. still on the job hunt. >> pants on the ground. >> is pants on the ground an original or a knock off? we will let you be the judge of the latest american idol related
10:40 pm
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10:42 pm
>> it used to be you went to college, graduated and started your career. >> not anymore. what are advisers telling recent college graduates? as joel d. smith reports, in this job market, the right track sure is hard to find. >> you know, it is not gloom and doom. but it is, you know, the reality is encouraging students to get out there. >> walking on campus today. and walking into the real-world soon. >> i know, it is around the corner, but . . . >> with unemployment at 10 percent nationwide students are looking for advice and at towson university thirty four schools of thought. >> i don't recommend the student take the first job not related to what they are interested in. >> ideal he job in xyz order is not open right now. that's okay. take a position, that one, hopefully you will enjoy. >> i still feel they should go after dream jobs. >> so you have heard it. like this. one direction, you take any job
10:43 pm
available. in the other, you wait for the dream job. however there is a third option as well. just stay right here. >> i am enjoying school so much i don't want to leave. i am doing an extra semester now. >> i am going straight into graduate school. so i am not worried. >> graduate school is necessary for some professions, but for other students, they could be delaying the same problem. >> i would not recommend grad school to every student. >> in the end if they are going to grad school for something they are not passionate about, they will come out the same way. >> focusing on networking and internship, even after graduation. but question will remain, how long can you wait before making a decision. >> if it is three to six months out they may want to look at what are the things they must have in a job and things they can live without. >> i am thinking of invent sing another semester to stay in school longer. >> in towson. joel d. smith, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> well, you can get the edge in
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your job search at fox 45 news boot camp. learn the key to finding a new job or improving the one you have. >> boot camp is held at the state fairgrounds february 10 from 9:30 to 2:30. more information to be found on our website click on the job boot camp link on the left side of the screen. >> he is an american idol phenomenon for sure. >> general larry plat is a hit with the song, of course, pants on the ground. >> "pants on the ground". looking like a fool with your pants on the ground. with the cold in your mouth. >> did he copy a previously recorded record? the green brothers post their 1996 song pockets on the floor on "youtube", they say the general's song has the same idea and message. well, you be the judge. >> rock around here. with the pockets on the floor.
10:45 pm
got to say for the gangs and the drugs and the dress code. time to say no. >> one of the green brothers wishes plat well but he wanted the world to see his version of the song as well. >> all right. so we have had a lot of people that waited on this. on our facebook page. and most people are saying, well similar, but no. not the same song. >> i think if the green brothers had done the job right way back when, in 1996 this would not be a controversy, right? >> they could have been the phenomenon instead of larry. >> and the general had more passion with his music. >> for sure. >> and the splits. did they do a split? >> no, they did not do a split. really it hits you. >> we have linked the video to our facebook page. baltimore. >> watch american idol next week, tuesday and wednesday at 8:00. right here on fox 45. >> new state-of-the-art lacrosse and soccer facility is set to
10:46 pm
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10:49 pm
across the region. but just drive carefully. you will be all right. looking at sunday 33. with sun and clouds. sunshine monday. 41. and it looks like another chance for another round of snow showers possible on ground hog day. on tuesday. back to you. >> all right. vytas, thank you. good news is we get to talk about spring training. >> not too bad. >> light at the end of the tunnel. >> orioles are tink ring with the team. tweaking and tink ring with the team. bruce cunningham has the latest with the team. in "sports unlimited". >> bruce? >> might be the finest intro i received. coming up on "sports unlimited". the orioles are bringing back one of the key members of the bullpen from a year ago and they say goodbye to another guy. we have the details. and jimmy patso and the loyola greyhounds looking for a win against bear field. we have the highlights. and speaking of the greyhounds. look at this. kristen berset shows us the new state-of-the-art lacrosse facility scheduled to open


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